Update Pigeon für Punkt. MP02 verfügbar

Für das Punkt. MP02 steht ein Update von Pigeon zur Verfügung. Die neue Pigeon-Version ist die 1.2.0800, behebt Fehler und könnt ihr auf dem Gerät über Einstellungen --> Anwendungen --> Manage --> Pigeon abrufen.

This Pigeon release version 1.2.0800 mainly addresses two widely reported issues:

  1. PIN code configuration in Signal
  2. Conversation thread crash

If you have experienced either, or both, of these issues, please update the application and configure a PIN by opening the Main menu and selecting Pigeon, then Settings, then Account and select ‘Create a PIN’.

While not everyone using Pigeon has experienced these problems, updating to v1.2.0800 is recommended for all users.

Please remember: to ensure contacts you wish to connect with on Pigeon are already saved in your MP02 contact list.

Emergency fix:

  • Set-up: It is now possible to configure a Signal PIN while registering with Signal.
  • Conversations: It is possible to send messages to a single contact conversation.

Known issues:

  • Group conversations: It is not possible to create groups or join groups by invitation links.
  • Group conversations: It is not possible to initiate or join group calling conversations.
  • Set-up: it is not possible to select image tiles with the Punkt. key on the CAPTCHA test. It is necessary to use the numerical key ‘5’ instead.
  • Set-up: If the ‘Registration Lock’ feature is enabled on your Signal account with the same number on a smartphone device, it isn’t possible to complete the set-up of Pigeon on the MP02 without disabling the ‘registration lock’ on the other device first.
  • Set-up: The ‘Call-me-instead’ option for receiving the Signal verification code currently leads to a black screen.
  • Voice messages: it is not currently possible to adjust the volume while listening to a voice message.
  • Conversations: Tagging functions are not enabled on Pigeon while typing messages.

Unfortunately, some issues remain; we are working to address these in the next update. For instructions on how to install and use Pigeon, please refer to the MP02 Pigeon User Manual

(Quelle: punkt.ch)

Systemupdate für das Unihertz Titan Pocket verfügbar

Für das Unihertz Titan Pocket steht ein Systemupdate mit folgenden Änderungen zur Verfügung:

1. Update security patch to 2022-09-05

2. Optimize the Kika input method

3. Remove the Track Back application and SOS application 

4. Minor bug fixes

Ihr könnt das Update über Einstellungen → Über das Telefon → Systemaktualisierung anstoßen. 

(Quelle: Unihertz)